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"Take a Bite Out of Life"

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Gospel CD in the works!
I have been recording new tracks for a Gospel CD and am hoping to have it available In the latter part of 2007.

Video now in production!

In June a great deal of film footage was shot for the Take a Bite Out of Life music video. We hope to have it available for viewing soon.
It was a whole lotta fun shooting and the camera person used three digital discs of footage. It will be edited to fit into the Three and a half minute song. My brother Kevin who is in the line of work of doing videos for celebrities that appear in Las vegas will be assembling the video.
Recent email from Kevin here below:
PS.  I gave the cd to my friend Justin Stills, I
> work with him. His dad is in Crosby, Stills and Nash
> band. The original member, Stills.   HE LOVES THE
> CD! HE REALLY LOVES IT. He has so much great stuff
> to say about it. I sat with him and played him all
> the songs and how we did it. He said, "Great work
> all around"! I was hoping maybe he will show his dad
> the music someday. His dad lives in Beverly Hills
> Cal and is always on tour. I'm trying to put it in
> the right hands.

Kevin has his website up and running now.
Check out his awesome skills on the drums while playing live at the MGM Hotel.

"Take a Bite Out of Life"