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"Take a Bite Out of Life"

Let's stick together!
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Let's stick together!
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Guitarists all on the same team.

I personally wish everbody well in the drive to play and promote thier music. There is alot of "homegrown" music in our communities and I support the efforts. Being a guitarist/singer/songwriter is a passion for many of us. We stay at it for our whole lives because we love creating and playing music. It is in our heart's and soul's, and we all try hard to get our music out there. We spend years crafting our skills behind the instrument.
  I approach the music of others very open-minded and I simply do not try to judge one's music by the music of another. The media and radio gives us a full dose of the most popular artists of the day. This does not mean we should all conform and try to make our guitars or voices sound like what we hear on the radio or TV.  We need to be different in some way to make a splash in the ocean of music. So we should stay true to ourselves and follow our hearts. I support this in others who march to the beat of a different drummer and who have a different voice.  There have been many local musicians and even students of mine who have written some fabulous songs. In each voice I immediately see the different tonal qualities which make them all unique. Many of these local musicians I have worked with or crossed paths with and I wish them the very best of course. We all need to stick together and root for each other's success. I hope to see all of their dreams fulfilled musically. It can be a long hard road, and with trying to make a living and make ends meet we should kindly help support each other.  When we buy an artist's CD recording we have a true piece of the heart and soul of that person. We think nothing of spending ten or twelve bucks at a restaurant and what do we have to show for it? Only a full stomach which will be starving in five hours. But a musician's work of art we have for a lifetime! One of my favorite local CD recordings is "Crossing Paths". All the tunes are unique and by various artiststs and I can enjoy it over and over again from time to time.
To everyone of you musicians out there I salute you. Ric, Joey, Mark, Todd, Nate, Steve, Dick, Martin, Bill and all the rest of you, keep on making your music!
Musically Yours,
Ray Tutaj Jr.

God Bless You!

"I'm doing the best I can with the mind and body God gave me."