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"Take a Bite Out of Life"

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What's in the Artwork?
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There are images within the art work, such as faces, a cross, and numerous other images. Take a look and see if you can see some of them.  I will give answers below.

The cover created by Kevin Tutaj

Did you see the cross? That one is easy because it is in the window. The image hardest to see but is plain once you see it is a picture of my brother Kevin superimposed over the brick on the left side of me. And down in the ground area are a few faces, most noticable is an image resembling George Harrison and another Ringo Starr, at least that is what they kind of remind me of. They may look like someone different to you. Also, the word, "Peace" is written in the brick area on the right side of my image. A great deal of thought went into creating this cover art. The Take a Bite out of Life is symbolized by the bitten apple. This of course may be a common image but, what it means here is different. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We can take a "bite" out of his "Life" and live more abundantly.  Also the River of Life can be seen in the artwork. The cross in the window is also a statement  I felt important to this project. This CD art may be viewed in different ways, it is just how you see it through your eyes.  Or they may not recognize the cross in the window frame. The cross is revealed to those who see it. The apple is the good fruit and symbolizes for me nourishment for our souls, which Jesus is that food for our souls and we should take a bite of that food for the peace we all seek. The music on the CD can be interpreted in many ways also.  I can't write disposable lyrics, all my songs have to have a deeper meaning, or tell a story.

The back of the CD has photos of my brother and I. Also is a photo of my Grandpa, Joe Tutaj Sr., on a motorcycle. He was a State trooper who helped catch the Leonore Bank Robbers back in 1935. The song Bungled Bank Robbery tells the story.
  A photo of a soldier, my uncle Dan, is also in view on the back. The song/poem Paper Hat Soldier written by my Grandma Ruby L. Smith was about my him as he went to fight in the Korean War.
 The photo of the damaged building seen at the left of the artwork is from Utica, Illinois when the tornado ripped through that town. The song Utica is Broken down tells of the tornado.

Back of CD

Please note: A photo of an apple with a bite out of it can be used by anyone as long as it is not being used as a logo! Who could have ever thought about working a brick wall into the face of the apple besides my brother? His creative mind is at a whole different level that is why the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas love him as a graphic designer and video editor. He does many of the advertisements for the big stars who perform at the MGM.
Let me tell you a little story about the artwork on the CD. In a nutshell, Disc Makers frowned upon it at first. They said they couldn't use it because it did not fit into their technical specifications. My brother and I were devastated because the artwork was an integral part of the whole CD concept. All of it was well thought out and carefully crafted. It is art and not an actual photograph. Anyway Disc Makers from New Jersey insisted they do the art work with other pictures I had to send them. Three days had passed since the "death" of the original artwork. On the third day i recieved an example of the artwork in an email. I downloaded them and was set to view them totally expecting a DiscMakers design which are very professional, but could not possibly achieve our original vision as I told my brother three days earlier. When I opened the files I couldn't beleive my eyes. The original artwork was laid out in thier templates, it was resurrected and it was beautiful. (All this happening around Easter of 06). I felt such a great burden lifted. I wondered what made the art department at Disc Makers change their mind? I am sure glad they did, maybe they realized that the artwork was workable and someone had gone through alot of work to achieve it. Well, my brother kevin did and I told him no one in the whole world could of come up with a better design so original and bizarre and so fitting for the CD. The first time I seen the artwork about two years ago I was awe struck. It hit me so hard and I knew that kevin was onto something. If the artwork was not used for this CD I would have been disappointed. But it was used and we were both happy with it, including Disc Makers, and I am very happy with the music. This whole project is exactly the way I wanted it.
Peace to you all!

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