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"Take a Bite Out of Life"

No Smoking Please!
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No Smoking Please!

I would love to be able to go see my friends playing their music. But many times where they play allows others to emit smoke toxins in the air and I would get stuck breathing it in. You may ask what the big deal is? Well, there are plenty good reasons why the smoking ban in public places is rolling across the land. The fact is that second hand smoke harms others. I personally worked in an environment filled with alot of second hand smoke. Manytimes I played my guitar in smoke-filled places so thick you could cut it with a knife. I figured, well I don't smoke so I am not the one who is going to suffer. Wrong! All these years later I was diagnosed with emhysema. Now I can't even be near smoke at all because it causes a reaction in my breathing. It is difficult to deal with to say the least. My lung capacity is not what it used to be and I am only 42.  My chest feels a certain heaviness all the time.
  So when friends and former students ask me to come watch them play I can't unless it is in a smoke-free environment. I am very sorry I can not, and I do want to. I, as a working musician cannot play in many places because smoke is allowed in the environment. My quality of life is greatly decreased because of smokers. There are certain restaurants I cannot go to also, because they allow some to come in and pollute the air. I guess I could never understand smoking cigarettes. I remember trying one when I was 16 because my friend was doing it. I just had enough common sense to figure out it was a stupid habit which no one ever starts for a good reason, and threw it out the window.
  There are scores of folks who do not go out as much anymore because of smoking allowed in public places.  The funny thing is that smokers are a minority these days.  Don't let anyone tell you that second hand smoke does not do any harm. I am living proof. My life could be drastically cut short becuase of those toxins. For those who smoke around others, you should know you are putting them in harms way.
Smoking is useless, so ban it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Smoking is slow suicde"
"Cigarettes are actually cancer sticks"
"I ask teenagers who smoke, "Why have you started? Don't tell me cause it's cool, cause it is not. Don't tell me because you are stressed out. You can never start this habit for any good reason. If I was smart enough as a teen the throw the thing out the car window in front of my smoking friend, you can too. Now that is cool!"
"Smoking is Inconsiderate of others air".
"Smoking is a Drug dependency"
"Drug dependency = problems."
The smoking era is gradually coming to an end, slowly but surely. People are starting to wake up and come out of the trance they have been put in by the tobacco industry's onslaught of advertising in the last fifty years. They have glorified smoking and they have lied to the public and ruined so many lives. They laughed all the way to the bank and called smokers suckers for falling for thier vice.
If you think why should I take the time to say all this? Once again because I am a victim of second-hand smoke. If you were, you would be upset too. Now don't get me all wrong here, I love ya and care enough about you all to just mention this if it might help.

My "Smokin' Kills" website!

Stop before it is too late!