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"Take a Bite Out of Life"

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Below is a brief story of the Bungled Bank Robbery from the News-Tribune in LaSalle IL.  The article is dated 1976 and the paper interviewed the other trooper, Joe Groman who was still living at the time. My grandfather Joe Tutaj sr. who is pictured below on the motorcyle was one of the State Troopers who helped catch the bank robbers. At the time of this article he was not living for he passed on in 1969 the year my brother Kevin was born.  Joe Groman is pictured in the newsclipping below. It is in two parts, so scroll down and be patient for it loads slower than the other pics.
 There are some differences between facts stated in the newspaper article and the research info I studied in order to write the song.  Nevertheless it is reasonably close when you compare lyrics in the song.  More detailed info can be found in a book called, Starved Rock Stories, written by Steve Stout.
The Leonore Bank was robbed in 1935 on a cold winter morning. The song tells the rest of the story.
A version of Bungled Bank Robbery can be heard on the Crossing Paths CD listed on this site.  Musicians Dick Halley (bass) and Dick Verruchi (percussion), and myself recorded this particular arrangement in 2003. 


The former Leonore Bank pictured in 1985

George Yusco and Norbert Naas held hostage.
Naas was wounded in hand and forehead

Picture above in lower left corner is Charles Seipp a leonore township supervisor who died two days later due to wounds.
Large picture of Bank and Joe Groman's photo are from the newspaper, the Illionois Valley Weekly, February 27th, 1985.

Joe Groman State Trooper
Helped apprehend bandits along with trooper Joe Tutaj sr.

State Trooper Mr. Joe Tutaj sr.
Helped catch the Leonore Bank Robbers

The Leonore Train Depot.
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad

Newspaper Article from 1976

Second page of article

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