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"Take a Bite Out of Life"

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A poem written by my Grandmother Ruby L. Harmon (Smith) in the late 1950's. It is about her son Daniel who grew from a child playing with toy guns and paper hats, to a man who served at  the time of the Korean War. She worried and prayed for his safe return and wrote this poem during that time.
 Here are some photos of Daniel Harmon below.

Daniel Harmon Sr. a young man off to war.

Daniel Harmon Sr. in 1958
Serving in the Korean War


I guess my grandmother's prayers worked because Dan made it home safely, although he was wounded.  Life has been tough for Dan through the years. He lost his wife at an early age, and has had several health problems also. Uncle Dan also has the same eye impairment as I do, called retinitis pigmentosa. This condition blocks out a considerable portion of one's vision. The retina slowly deteriorates. Because of the loss of vision, we are not able to drive cars.
I seen Dan at a family reunion at thanksgiving in 2005 in Mendota Illinois.

I hate the act of war, but do agree that sometimes it is a necessary evil.  The current war is a different story. The young lives lost is tragic to say the least. The song Paper Hat Soldier can of course be applied to any war. The verse that says, "Give back my soldier my Paper Hat Soldier for the playroom floor", is every parents wish. To get their son or daughter back safely.  My heart goes out to all the armed forces involved in this war. I know we can't back out even though the war was based upon a shaky foundation of so-called facts. But we are there and we are in too deep. Our soldiers and many innocent people's lives are being shed. It should make any man sad and angry. I am behind the soldiers who must endure that hellish life over there. I pray for the day they can come home hopefully in one piece.  I want all those young soldiers who have yet to take a bite out of life, to get back home soon. Life is too precious. That's why I say take a bite out of it when you can.
You might find the articles interesting at the Michael Moore website below.

Michael Moore Breaking News

Civil War Re-enactment Princeton IL 2005
Photo by Ray Tutaj Jr.

Civil War Re-enactment Schedule!

My brother Donnie in 1973 a Marine

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