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"Take a Bite Out of Life"

Utica IL. tornado pics
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Utica IL tornado pics
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Here are some photos I took with my own camera of the devastating and deadly tornado that hit Utica IL. in April of 2004.
I live only four miles away and remember the day very vividly. I was at my home in LaSalle and seen the tornado pass about a half-mile south of me. I was a nervous wreck cause I did not know if it was coming my way or continue heading east.  I remember just a half-hour before this moment, the humidity and barometric pressure was like I had never felt it before.
The tornado touched down in Utica and killed eight people.  I rode my bike on the canal path to Utica the next day. I couldn't believe the ruin and destruction. Unfortunately I ran out of film and did not get to document it like I wanted.  As I walked around I was in a state of shock at what I was seeing. I only seen this kind of thing on the news and now all the news channels were here in Utica.
There is a song on the new CD titled, "Utica Broken Down" written at the time of this tragedy.

Utica IL. gets hit by a tornado in April of 04
Photos by Ray Tutaj Jr.




For some incredible photos of the Utica Tornado press on this link below:

Utica Storm Photos

"When disaster does come, there's misery all around, when something's got to be done please don't run, please don't leave us alone on our own."
Excerpt from "Message for God"

When in Utica stop in at one of the world's most unique book/cafe stores
called Common Grounds. visit